Fulton's Farm experiences available at the pumpkin patch...

Do you enjoy fun and exciting family activities? Well, look no further because we have some special treats in store for you! We have a mixture of thrills and excitement located on our farm in Strabane.

We have a selection of spook trails, Christmas experiences, spook nights, and more. To find out more, please contact us today on 07817 593357 or book online with us now for your next Fulton’s Pumpkin Patch experience!

Wet grass
Grass in a field

Join Our Maize Maze...

This particular event opens in August for the summer before the next term begins, and all the children go back to school.


We hide stuffed, painted animals with different little scenes through 5 acres of maize. We supply families with a clipboard and a checklist of an idea of some of the animals hidden throughout the maze.

We also give away passes and prizes to those lucky individuals who get the correct number (or closest) to a number in a sealed envelope prior to the event beginning.


The animals are checked every day to make sure it's fair for the next family taking part in the event.

  • Price: £3 per person 

Pumpkins trail with candles

Pick Your Own Pumpkin & Spook Trail With Us!

This event opens from mid-October to 30th October. We decorate a track in the maize with Halloween props and photos - which lead into the pumpkin patch where families can pick their own pumpkin from the spot where it has grown.

We also have some small, local businesses on-site, who are there to promote their business or sell small goods. We have small animals which are our own pets that also attend!

When you attend this event, there are plenty of photo opportunities throughout to make great family memories for years to come. 

  • On booking, we take a £2 booking fee 

At the end of the trail, you chose your pumpkin, each pumpkin ranges between £3 to £10 depending on size and colour. 

Pumpkins and Candles
Spooky carved pumpkins

Join Our Spook Nights...

We have three nights over the course of a two-week period for older children and adults to come and enjoy...

We have around 40 real characters, and scenes throughout the cornfield for a real scream. 

This year's event is being held Thursday 21st, Tuesday 26th, and Friday 29th October from 7 pm


  • Prices are £8 each or 2 people for £15  

Christmas tree with red and gold balls

Your Christmas Experience With Us...

Our Christmas experiences are held on our family farm. In addition, we decorate the yard with lights, making it the most magical experience!

On-site, we also have a nativity scene, and small animals to view. We also have a train to see and sit on...(great for a photo opportunity!) Lastly, we have Santa’s Log Cabin! This is a very special place, where you are welcomed by the lovely friendly elves to see Santa...

There is so much to see and enjoy, so why not book a slot this Christmas?​ You can also grab some hot drinks or snacks before seeing our lovely reindeer.. Book your experience with us now!

  • Price is £15 per child with present

  • Children under 1 year old £10 with present or
    without - free

  • Adults £2.50

Christmas Pine Tree